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  • All companies in our portfolio have been carefully selected from over 300 companies subjected to diligence in the past four years. They represent mission-driven brands, each fronted by an original founder making a mission driven impact.

  • The large majority of our existing portfolio companies have substantially grown either their valuation, their revenues, or both, since NIVL’s first involvement in mentoring and advising/capital raising for them.

  • As well as more than £6m introduced since 2013, many of our companies have raised significant sums in later investment rounds attracting significant VC interest.

  • Almost every one of these holdings has qualified shareholders to receive SEIS or EIS treatment on their holding when co-investing, if applicable.

  • Please see below a brief summary of each of our portfolio companies. Click on any of the logos and you will also go straight to their website.

THESIS: The rise of obesity, diabetes and other conditions globally; combined with greater consumer awareness of eating and drinking healthily.
  • Matcha carries a large amount of claimed health benefits and Vivid created the first and still leading UK matcha brand.

  • Three new drinks flavour formulas were released in 2017, alongside new packaging and branding, securing extended listings at Waitrose elsewhere. Matcha powders are now sold in Tesco also.

  • Matthew O’Kane sits on the main board of this business.



  • Kefir is a well-known probiotic. Purearth’s dairy-free kefir range and pro-immune shots are now listed in over 100 independent health food stores, plus Harrods, Selfridges and Gail’s Bakery chains.

  • Purearth has seen impressive YoY growth. A new "mini mighty me" children's shot has recently been launched.

  • Two rounds of funding via NIVL to date.


  • A no-added-sugar 'healthy' ice-cream carrying health benefits for the consumer, and dairy, wheat and gluten-free, hence suitable for those with specific intolerances.

  • Perfect World is listed in Tesco, as well as Ocado and Holland & Barrett across the UK, having won  the children's award at the Free From Awards 2016.

  • A highly engaged social media following of c.100k ‘followers’ suggests excellent brand recognition.

  • Three rounds of investment via NIVL to date (since 2014).


  • Soupologie creates vegan and free from soups, and has grown out of  a family kitchen to listings in a large number of  UK retailers, including Waitrose and Asda, as well as Carrefour stores in France.

  • The initial Company Management view of revenue for the 2017 accounting year is £1.6m – over 100% YOY growth.

  • NIVL are retained advisors to Soupologie, and have helped bring two rounds of investment to date.

THESIS: The advance of digitisation in these sectors will provide global oppurtunities for progressive companies addressing deep education and healthcare market needs.


  • Knowledgemotion has built the largest collection of videos for education in the world on its bo clips platform, with over 3m clips now for use. Customers include Pearson and London Business School.

  • Four rounds of investment since NIVL’s first involvement, they have now completed a £3m Series A funding round in 2017 with VCT investment.

  • Matthew O’Kane sits on the main board of this business.


  • Pobble is a literacy business that sells to schools:

1. A platform which provides a global audience for children's writing to be published

2. Pobble365, which provides lesson planning and teaching resources

  • Pobble have won a number of awards and have been accepted on to a number of prestigious  accelerators (inc. Microsoft).

  • Pobble's investors and customers come from around the globe. Including the very first school in China now using Pobble.

THESIS: The personal data economy now very much exists and is a pressing area of concern/opportunity. The Internet of Things is similarly here to stay.


  • are seeking to ‘own’ the global personal data market having invented the concept of the ‘Internet of Me’. They were Recently voted as one of the UK's Top 10 Tech Innovators. 

  • Noteworthy investors to date have included Swiss Re and Pierre Omidyar’s (founder of eBay) investment arm.

  • Started Series B in 2017, having raised four rounds of investment via NIVL, to date.

  • Currently running a living lab in Iceland, where the country have opened up every citizen's health data to themselves for access via (a world first).


  • Smarter is a pioneer of the Internet of Things.

  • Smarter’s latest invention is a fridge cam that can be retrofitted to an existing fridge to allow the user to make it a 'smart' fridge, with potential to be connected to the internet, for as little as £99.

  • Prior to this, Smarter launched an iKettle and WiFi-enabled Coffee machine

THESIS: Rapid availability of technology means platform and similar tech enabled businesses can quickly scale and create new marketplaces - making existing business models more efficient.


  • Scene is a platform that enables businesses of all sizes to create high quality, branded content marketing campaigns.

  • Paying clients including the Daily Telegraph.

  • Scene have taken three rounds of investment via NIVL to date.


  • Benivo provides relocation services to multinational companies, for their junior employees, via its proprietary platform.

  • Founded by London Business School alumnae, they have received significant levels of funding, including from high profile European HNW figures.

  • Clients include Google, Microsoft and Skype.

  • Three rounds of funding via NIVL to date.


  • HubBox’s software is used by major online retailers to allow click and collect as a delivery option upon checkout, to 1000's of HubBox sites around the UK.

  • HubBox partners with Payzone and services national retailers such as Jack Wills & JOY.

  • NIVL sit on the advisory board of this business, and have helped source three rounds of investment to date.


  • Snaptrip’s platform provides real time, accurate data on last minute cottage breaks available in the UK.

  • Snaptrip have thousands of breaks available at any time, and are acknowledged market pioneers in the growing "staycation" market.

  • Snaptrip are VC-backed and NIVL have helped source three rounds of investment to date.


  • FreemarketFX has built a proprietary foreign exchange matching platform used by SMEs and HNWs, with much lower fees of 0.2% in comparison to traditional banks.

  • Chairman of the business is former COO of Barclays Investment Banking, Rich Ricci.

  • Four rounds of investment via NIVL to date.


  • A unique SaaS platform for business continuity and risk management.

  • This platform can be used to demonstrate business resilience to key shareholders and stakeholders, giving an impartial resilience score.

  • NIVL have a seat on the advisory board, and have brought two rounds of investment to date.


  • An e-commerce platform that offers consumers high quality food (i.e. meat/cheese/charcuterie) to be delivered quickly nationwide, regardless of the customer’s  address.

  • Founded by two Cambridge graduates.

  • NIVL are a retained advisor to Heartier.


  • The no files "Dropbox" of choice for teams and businesses, improving workflow by securely connecting 'live' applications, data and worksheets in real time.

  • Can be used with Microsoft Excel, Slack, Symphony, Microsoft Teams, Wordpress and other database connectors.  

  • Already a strong presence within the world of financial markets.

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