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About Us

Nexus Investment Ventures Limited (NIVL) was founded in 2014 to focus on high-growth entrepreneur-led UK EIS investments following successful investments made by Nexus group over the past 27 years. NIVL take a nurturing approach through active involvement on the board, or advisory board of the company and through the introduction of appropriately experienced investors to help guide these businesses as they scale in the UK, and often globally.

Since inception, led by Matthew O’Kane, NIVL has raised/invested capital in the portfolio companies. Each of these companies has qualified relevant investors for SEIS and/or EIS relief. Nearly all of these businesses have grown valuations substantively, and/or revenues materially with our input since 2014. Many going onto attract significant international investment at subsequent Series A or Series B rounds.

Our core sectors are Data, Education, Health & Digital. Our favoured company types are platform based technology companies and healthy food and drink brands. Our favoured founders are mission-driven, ambitious, but with deep ability and experience, whether professionally, academically or entrepreneurially. We focus on post-Seed, pre-Series B opportunities.





You are a private individual (either Sophisticated or High Net Worth, per FCA guidelines); a Family Office; or a VC/ Lower-tier Private Equity Firm. You are seeking SEIS/EIS qualifying opportunities to co-invest alongside like-minded individuals only with top-tier ON-SECTOR businesses who are already scaling i.e. not-start-ups, and demonstrating rapid growth and/or potential.


You have an exciting business opportunity that is ON-SECTOR (see above), is post-Seed, post-Revenue i.e. not start-ups but are scale-ups. You seek relevant expertise not just capital to maximise its potential ahead of Series A.

Non-Executive Directors

You are a highly experienced professional with an interest in SEIS/EIS capital deployment but most of all seek to  share your experience and expertise to provide guidance to the next wave of entrepreneurial businesses in an observational or non-executive director capacity.


You are a talented individual with an interest in working with and helping NIVL to aide our portfolio of early stage companies to grow methodically/scale-up.

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